Cores Values

1- Integrity and professionalism:

RPN is a non-profit company, which was given to the primary mission to help the community and eradicate the collective quest for death. Donor funds and associations are operated according to (the) line (s) budget (s) and that all transactions are carried out transparently. RPN uses and never uses other funds fins.

We provide financial reports to donors and member associations, regardless of the amount of the grant or contribution. We believe that the timely submission of these reports creates a trust we earn from our donors.

2- Fairness, Equity et Teamwork:

We endeavor to reach out to all vulnerable and needy children and their families regardless of their race, educational background, family history or color. We do not support political parties, religious groups or a particular group of the society.

We involve the grassroots in problem-solving. We do not take an implementation role: we take a facilitator role so that programs will be sustainable even in the event we wind-up programs in areas where we work.

3- Courtoisie:

All our employees are trained to treat all our stakeholders with respect. We do believe that poverty is not a choice and that poor and needy children should not be taken advantage of.

All our Home Visitors are specially trained professionals who undergo rigorous training and are hand-picked by the Appointments Committee after a successful working interview.