The objectives of the RPN

The R.P.N has set the following objectives:

Encourage members of the Cameroonian community out of isolation by integrating the different existing associations to facilitate their integration and strengthen solidarity.

Gather around all existing Cameroonian associations in Canada to facilitate the operations surrounding the death of a member of the immigrant community in Canada.

Work collectively to facilitate the management of repatriation or execution of the last will of the deceased.

Provide a lasting solution to the chapter with all the associations of the immigrant community in case of death of one of their members. It is known that the financial contribution during the loss of a member in a group or association remains by far the most important help, and no one is ever quite prepared to assume.

Ensure that the Magnus Poirier funeral service partner unfolds as stipulated in the agreement with the RPN.

RPN wants by this socio-community approach, relieve the bereaved family and group by reducing the costs related to the death. Thus the R.P.N compile lists of each member association to obtain a considerable workforce; which according to the principle of number, reduce the amount of the individual contribution of the members when a death occurs.