Services Offered

Ensure homeland in repatriation or carrying out your wishes

Lighten individual contributions by the weight of numbers, because the more we are, the less you pay into

Ensure that the bereaved family is entitled to the administrative side all that is due them (annuity)

Organize and plan the funeral according to the wishes of the deceased or the family

Ensure a harmonious and dignified return of the body

Give the same coverage to all members of your family living with you here in Canada

Offer the services of a project manager (Magnus Poirier) for funeral services

Provide opportunities to the bereaved family to grieve

Bring together a community around a common cause to humanity: (death)

Do otherwise at the loss of community members (over public quests)

Bring a little dignity and humanism treating body to be repatriated

Give broad dissemination to death for each death becomes community

Reduce the factor aids in member associations

And more…

RPN has concluded a formal agreement with the Magnus Poirier Group 6825 Sherbrooke and the funeral home with his experience undertakes to assume all administrative and legal tasks, organize the necessary arrangements and reservations for final journey to be gone and also if necessary to organize in their premises, a funeral exposure. Magnus Poirier also undertakes to require the benefit of the family claims to the QPP or its equivalent if the deceased had worked in Canada. These tasks will be performed free of charge if the missing person is aged 10 and under. Only his ticket will be borne by the RPN via Magnus Poirier.