We, the people inhabiting the planet called earth are blessed with some great utilities, some great things. These great attributes have great characteristics which enable us to live on our own terms. But why is it so that the people like us living on this planet, the only planet which is blessed with the extraordinary qualities to sustain lives are constantly attacking and degrading the essential environment?

Essential resources of the environment i.e. air, water, soil etc. are being used by us as we have the authoritative license to pollute them, to consume, over exploit them accordingly. Have we ever thought why are we doing this? Are we so selfish that even after knowing the hazardous consequences of our deeds, we are repeatedly doing this to earth?

Go anywhere on the earth, we see those same critical issues that need attention. But what we do after seeing those issues is; we do high level meetings and conferences and come up with an action plan that we should do this, we should do that, but the question is: do these superficial things really help? No, they don’t because majority of these so called “action plans” are implemented only on paper. Some of these fail and some of these are categorized as successful on limiting constraints.

Questions arise: How can we save earth? How can we save ourselves? How can we provide at least a planet which can be a good place to live for our descendants?

According to me, the answer is quiet simple to this complex problem. We can stop the degradation of earth, we can reduce pollution which is the root cause of majority of global environmental issues. The answer is if everyone or majority of people inhabiting the earth understand their responsibilities and obligations towards environment.

We just need to acknowledge that it is only us who can either make or break, i.e. if we are strong willed to reduce the environmental problems, we surely can but if we don’t pay the required attention to these issues and wait for high level conferences to do things for us, the situation can become bad to worse .We should start implementing and doing things on ground level. Make people aware about those harsh consequences and request them to contribute in their capacities respectively. If people understand that by protecting the environment, we can much to our own, than I am sure we will start doing our bits of things.

As Mahatma Gandhi said ‘You must be the change you want to see in the world’. I add to it:

‘‘You must be the change you want to see in the world at least for your own sake, at least for the sake of our future generations. Go and protect the Environment, change our living habits. It is not the environment because of us,we arebecause of the environment.’’