It was on this day, the 5th of June in 1974 when the first World Environment Day was celebrated and since then 42 years have passed, the world celebrates this day to promote awareness on environmental issues. It has been a great initiative but I think now in this era of global environmental crisis the time has come to step up and to look upon everyday as world environment day.

With the world suffering from ever increasing environmental pollution, climate change, global warming and many other environmental issues which undoubtedly raise questions on our survival. It is very important for every individual to understand their respective responsibilities and obligations towards environment.

I strongly believe that the solution to this ecological crisis lies in our own hands. No one from any other planet is going to come to the earth and solve it for us. Over the past few decades the damage to our ecosystem has been so severe that our continued survival in this planet is at high risk. The main reason behind this environmental deterioration is the never ending greed and self-centered attitude of we, the humans.

It is the matter of deep sadness and shame that in the present day world we, humans are scientifically, technologically and institutionally advanced but morally, socially and environmentally retarded and this is hurting us the most. The world should look for a fundamental change in the social, political, economical and cultural outlook to protect environment. The contemporary human civilization has to fully realize that humans and nature are an interwoven part of an ecosystem, which is full of different dimensions and complexities. Humans cannot stand separately from this system, we are in it and it is not the other way round.

We must look upon the natural world not just as a mere commodity, but as a source of lives, our existence. We should change our living habits and try to establish a bond of respect with nature, then I am very sure that what we value and respect, we cannot degrade or destroy it. Thus it is very important to associate ourselves with environment so that we celebrate, worship and adore the environment every day by protecting and conserving it.

It is the moral responsibility of every individual to protect, preserve and conserve the environment. Therefore, it is very significant on our part to understand that our actions can either make this planet a healthy and desirable place to live for us and our future generations or the situations can go from bad to worse and hope that this kind of era does not come where our descendants are afraid to go in the sun due to harmful ultra-violet radiations, or where they are afraid to breathe air because they don't know which harmful gases they are breathing in ;or where they afraid to drink water from a natural source because of the polluted water containing harmful chemicals. Thus, we must understand:

By harming it (nature), we are harming ourselves and by taking care of it or healing it, we are prolonging our existence on the Earth.

On this occasion of World Environment day:

“I would like to appeal to every single person on this planet to protect and conserve the environment as it is our moral responsibility.