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We, the people inhabiting the planet called earth are blessed with some great utilities, some great things. These great attributes have great characteristics which enable us to live on our own terms. But why is it so that the people like us living on this planet, the only planet which is blessed with the extraordinary qualities to sustain lives are constantly attacking and degrading the essential environment?

It was on this day, the 5th of June in 1974 when the first World Environment Day was celebrated and since then 42 years have passed, the world celebrates this day to promote awareness on environmental issues. It has been a great initiative but I think now in this era of global environmental crisis the time has come to step up and to look upon everyday as world environment day.

Ramadan is the blessed month of the whole year. It perhaps the most awaited in the whole year being the month that God (Allah) opens the door of heaven and closes the door of hell. Allah promises that if there is anyone who seeks forgiveness, the door of forgiveness shall open for them.