Membership Conditions

One of the objectives of the RPN is to motivate each member of the community to attend an association of their choice. Persuade him to emerge from its isolation and to belong to a group within the community to avoid cases such as occurred in Canada in recent months (Persons whose nationality would have known only after their death. Worse whose person in the community knew). It is often very ashamed to face this kind of situation. Hence the importance of being a member (or supporter) of an association or group.

Therefore, it is recommended that to be a member of the RPN:

  • IT must be at the base member of an association or a community group.
  • The association of which you are a member or supporter is at the RPN and in turn grant you membership of RPN .
  • Any community association therefore has the opportunity to offer all of its members, the right to be members of the RPN by dropping at the RPN office, a list of its members and paying a registration fee of $20. This would be accompanied by a membership agreement signed in duplicate.