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Following the disappearance of a member of the African community in general and the Cameroonian community in particular, it is common practice to see the pain and misery associated with the organization of public fundraising for the repatriation of the remains of our loved ones. This approach far from being an exception, is fast growing. In the absence of comprehensive North American repatriation insurance that can help in such circumstances, it is cruel to note that more and more of us live in isolation here in Canada (some members of the larger community might believe that they are sheltered by subscribing to one or more life insurance). When death strikes, the community comes and all shamefully begging and passing around envelopes to raise funds to facilitate the process of the repatriation of the deceased.

Faced with this phenomenon that is far from the essence of the African Diaspora in Canada, RPN (Retour Au Pays Natal) decided to take the bull by the horns to set up an organization that surrounds all Cameroonians, groups and associations anxious to eradicate the phenomenon of public fundraising whenever a death occurs. RPN has a harmonious and organized approach based on the strength of numbers. We believe that each death is a death to the community and as such we call on each member to act with compassion and commitment.

The more the number increases, the lower the individual share so as to facilitate the repatriation of the remains of our loved ones with love, dignity and humanity in accordance with the last wishes of the deceased and/or the bereaved family. This is a message to every member of the community; this message concerns us and appeals to everyone because death is something that will knock on our door sooner or later. Think ahead and take the option of being counted among the members of RPN.

Services offered


repatriation to homeland or carry out the wishes of the deceased.


individual contributions by the weight of numbers, because the more we are, the less you pay.


that on the administrative side, the bereaved family is entitled to all that is due to them (annuity).


and plan the funeral according to the wishes of the deceased or the family.


a harmonious and dignified return of the remains of loved ones.

Provide the same coverage

to all members of your family living with you here in Canada.


the services of a funeral director for funeral services.


opportunities to the bereaved family to grieve.

Bring together

a community around a common cause to humanity: (death)

Do otherwise

during the loss of community members (over public fundraising).


some dignity and humanism treating the remains of our loved ones to be repatriated.

Give broad

dissemination to death for each death becomes community.

Our Mission

One of the objectives of RPN is to motivate every member of the community to be part of an association of their choice. We encourage them not to live in isolation but to belong to a group within the community to avoid cases such as have occurred in Canada in the past. Most times, people's nationalities are discovered only after their death, and they often do not know or have anyone in the community. It is often very shameful to face this kind of situation, hence the importance of being a member or supporter of an association or group such as RPN.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some general questions and answers about RPN

Our members are covered wherever their death occurs in the world, with the only condition that their main address is in Canada and their membership with their association or group suffers no contestation.
RPN has transferred this responsibility to member associations and groups that are closer to the people (members). It is strongly recommended that the full names provided in the database by the associations are identical to the true identities of members (identical to those on their official documents.)

During registration, a personal identification code (ID) is assigned toDuring registration, a personal identification code (ID) is assigned to each association / group. All persons sponsored by the association / group carry the same ID code followed by the registration serial number and a customization code. However, when a death occurs, RPN conducts a formal identification enquiry to ensure that the deceased is actually a member of the RPN network. The identification of the body is formally and officially done by professionals (Magnus Poirier, etc.) and in case of doubt, Magnus Poirer has the power and the direct means to obtain the medical file of the deceased.
Members (association / group) pay a one time $20 for RPN membership which gives the member the privilege to provide protection for all its members.
Your membership becomes effective from the day R.P.N receives your membership fee and a copy of the signed and dated membership agreement.
Coverage becomes effective after 30 calendar days from the date of registration in our database.
By a written or verbal intention from the association's executivea or by a simple letter clearly indicating the intention to become an inactive member of the RPN network. (When the decision is personal, please inquire about the conditions of return as an active member.) Also you will lose protection once the Management Committee detects attempted fraud following an investigation or suites of information from your association or any person that has the interest of the RPN network at heart.
R.P.N is not an insurance company. Only insurance companies are allowed to pay the insurance amount to the beneficiaries. The fundamental mission of R.P.N is to take care of its members in case of death. Ensuring the full support of all charges, R.P.N ensures that all members receive adequate treatment in case of death. So when all repatriation measures and!or last will of the deceased are carried out, the remainder is simply delivered to the family without any other condition.
An individual cannot register directly as a member of RPN, the only path is that of dealing with associations and only associations should sponsor you as a member . An individual can change or be enrolled in several associations engaged in RPN, but can only be registered by one Association with RPN. RPN has strict controls to avoid duplicates that could penalize committed associations. The decision to put a member inactive is unconditional, but coverage of a member with an active status is subject to strict conditions to be verified with the Management Committee.
There is no waiting period for membership by associations because the registration process is simplified. However members of associations will be subject to a waiting period of 30 calender days to avoid any deliberate intention to unduly benefit from the largess of RPN's goals.
We accept the following methods of payment: Interac email money transfer, Bank deposits and Credit card payments.
In the event of a death, contributions are due within 72 hours after the publication of the contribution list. The contribution amount per association is equal to the size of each association (x) by the individual share. Thus, contributions are made in a single payment. It may be otherwise within associations.
No, RPN does not require contributions by anticipating future deaths.

Within associations / groups; Yes, you can pay in advance for two, three, four, and even ten years. This guarantees long-term protection and peace of mind.
The association loses its membership rights leading to the loss of protection for all of its members.. The association will also receive a letter from the RPN management committee advising them of their status
Renewal of membership and coverage is by paying all past contributions, plus a penalty to be imposed by the Management Committee.
By sending a letter to the RPN Management Committee indicating your intention to terminate the membership of your association or your group, with express mention of: We took the decision to terminate our membership knowingly, and all our members are well aware that they could benefit from the RPN network protection only under certain strict conditions.
Only the Executive bureau of the association or group where the deceased was a member can formally notify the RPN Management Committee of a death. Thereafter, RPN will send out a DEATH ANNOUNCEMENT to all its members.
It is recommended that associations and groups inform us as soon as they are aware of a case of death, even if for some reason the body is not yet available, for example because of a police investigation, difficulty finding the body (e.g death by drowning in a river) or for any other reason. By notifying RPN of the death, you give us an opportunity to take preliminary steps with our funeral home partners etc.
Fraud is any attempt, voluntary intent and / or deliberate act by an association or its members to take advantage of the RPN network to make available the services covered by its existence. Fraud can be proven and/or demonstrated when an association or its members want to take advantage of the benefits of RPN by exploiting irregularities in its bylaws and constitution. Fraud can be further defined here as any action aimed to draw benefits services while knowingly and intentionally bypassing RPN’s bylaws and constitution.
Any member (organization / group) or a participant involved in a fraud on R.P.N automatically loses its membership and or protection and can no longer become a member of the Network. Unless otherwise a written notice from the Board of Directors. Upon termination of membership for reason of fraud, a formal notice is prepared to advise all members of the attempted fraud orchestrated by the member or the excluded member
I need RPN despite that I have subscribed to several life insurance policies because RPN offers a social community coverage. RPN places particular emphasis on the EU approach and values human relationships.

Aware and convinced that money would never replace human relationships, RPN promotes its Community agreement body repatriation or execution of last wills; This community agreement with respect to various forms of insurance, costs nothing and those who support it have no compulsion to make monthly contributions, quarterly, semi-annual and neither. (See membership conditions).

We remain covered and protected in the spirit of the membership agreement that binds each association to RPN. The beauty of the project rpn based on the principle that no contribution is payable for as long as we have not death in the network of associations / groups members of RPN.

To better elucidate the above, imagine a family up to 2 adults and 3 children, the mother is the only one who is a member of an association with RPN, she decides to include her family members. The commitment under the RPN approach would cost almost nothing to her though her entire family (5 people) is protected and will be assisted by our social community approach.